LabLogger: Log Your Labs and Save Your Time

It started innocently.

I simply emailed a few teachers and asked if they had any “time-saving tips” that I could share with other physics teachers.

Who could have known that within minutes my lab ordering days would change forever…..!

“We are starting to use ‘LabLogger’ to organise practical orders with technicians. This should save time in the long run as all standard practicals will be stored on the system.” Justin Clements, Wycliffe College

It honestly takes minutes to set up a bespoke system for ordering practical equipment your school – no matter how intricate and weird your timetable may be.

I want to prove this to you! So I’ve taken a video of me setting up the system for the first time. Watch how quick this is!

Like Guzled, this has been built for Science Technicians by a Science Technician. It has everything needed to make your life a lot easier.

  • Teachers can order apparatus from home – if needed.
  • Technicians have an insight into what equipment is needed and when – at all times.

Let me list the main features of LabLogger:

  • Completely Bespoke to Your School

    You define your lesson periods, labs, holidays, experiment deadlines and equipment

  • Automatically Updated Calendar

    You and your colleagues can then view all experiments planned for each day, week and month, where they are taking place, and what equipment will be needed.

  • Paperless & Efficient Organisation

    Transparent, easy to use, and accessible both at home and in school, LabLogger allows for a better and more coordinated approach to science management.

The best thing is that it is for a WHOLE YEAR!

After this 12 month period, a yearly registration fee of £99 + VAT is applicable.

Anyway, I think you get the picture. I really like LabLogger and I thought you should know about it.

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About the Author

Sally Weatherly

Sally is the Guzled founder and, more importantly, a physics teacher. She led a large and vibrant department for 7 years, after training to teach in London. She is an IB Physics textbook author, Fellow of the IoP, Entrepreneur, Advisor for the AQA, Trustee for Dynamic Earth and an IoP Teacher Network Co-ordinator.