A Level and IB teaching resources for Resistivity

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Here's what resistivity resources you'll get...

  1. Lesson Plan: Includes clear learning objectives, time estimation and resources required
  2. Starter Experiment/Demonstration: Includes focussed demonstration, suggested questioning, student worksheet and answers.
  3. Powerpoint: Editable, clear and concise, consistent design, informative graphics.
  4. Practical: Includes sample data (and sample write-up), student worksheet with full instructions on method, data analysis and evaluation questions.
  5. Question Sheet: Comprehensive questioning of this mini topic. Includes worked solutions for students to assess their own learning.

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About the Author

Sally is the Guzled founder and, more importantly, a physics teacher. She led a large and vibrant department for 7 years, after training to teach in London. She is an IB Physics textbook author, Fellow of the IoP, Entrepreneur, Advisor for the AQA, Trustee for Dynamic Earth and an IoP Teacher Network Co-ordinator.


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"Since I launched Guzled in May 2015, I've made it my mission to find ways to help physics teachers lives easier.
I want you to leave school and not worry about the following day. I want you to have a work/life balance and enjoy your job. It's my contribution to helping lessen the shortage of physics teachers."

Sally Weatherly
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