About Guzled

Our Mission

Teach Great Physics lessons.

I am a physics teacher and I love most of what my job entails: building relationship with students and colleagues, sharing my knowledge with others and helping students achieve their potential.

It is essential to remember that we can all afford to make our lives a little easier. You don’t have to make bespoke worksheets or powerpoints for every class. You don’t need to build your own scheme of work from scratch. Let’s not reinvent the wheel every time.

This is why Guzled began.

I founded Guzled with the aim of helping physics teachers of all levels, whether Guzled resources are a starting point for a lesson plan or a complete scheme of work for the whole department. Even if it just allows you to go home a bit earlier and see the kids before bedtime or meet friends in a pub for a drink. You can afford to give yourself a break and trust us.

We’re here to help.

Guzled Founder

Our History

it’s been a journey… we’re proud of how far we have come

  • January 2014

    Sally Weatherly quit her full time job as Head of Physics. With two kids under 2, it seemed the perfect time to launch a resources website ?!?

  • MAY 2015

    4000+ resources written. The first Guzled website is launched.

  • January 2016

    Nominated as a finalist in the “Best Whole Course Subject Curriculum” at the 2016 BETT Awards

  • December 2016

    Website V2 launched. Allowing greater accessibility to resources by offering individual monthly membership.

  • January 2017

    Sally goes back into teaching to better understand the challenges faced in teaching. Honestly for Guzled to be even more accessible (i.e. cheaper) Sally needed to raise funds for the next step… Guess where her salary went…?

  • January 2019

    Full steam ahead. With extra funding behind the business, a bigger team, thousands of conversations with physics teachers across the UK – new Guzled is launched. Hope you like it?

Meet Sally